Another Zombie Prank Video

This one isn’t as bad as the video 1… Though some poor acting ruins it all. Besides was a stupid idea puling this prank on Halloween, people except this kind of stuff on Halloween, obviously. Worth watching 2 minutes but 22 million views bit too much. Not a single prank victim believed it was a zombie or some other monster for more than 1 second. No screams no nothing.


Zombie Prank Video

Well, it could have been worse really… Why not just spend more money to hire better actors, make better costumes and effects make better zombie prank video? 27 million views this video does not deserve. You can clearly see the faces of “victims” they are most definitely not thinking about zombies, “some drunk idiot” perhaps but not zombie for sure.

Talking Dead Season 5

Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick

Watched the final episode of Talking Dead Season 4? Andrew Lincoln and Chris Hardwick? Lame! People mostly watch Talking Dead to see Loren Cohan “talking”… why not just make her and Emily Kinney permanent guests in the show? We all know what this is about really. Most people wouldn’t mind live in post apocalypse world if these two were around. Anyway the Talking Dead Season Finally sucked. AMC is all about making $ they don’t really care about us and we all know that but even according to that logic this episode was stupid. And by the way, it’s time to lift the country restrictions off, so that everyone can watch Talking Dead episodes at AMC website. (more…)

Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers

AMC The Walking Dead Season 5 SpoilerTerminus situation raises two questions: Who’s gonna die next (the whole cliff hanger season finally) and will Terminus become a new home for survivors. According to Robert Kirkman, Season 5 is all about Terminus, which is kind of upsetting considering the unwanted drama with “Governor” in Season 4. Producers / writers just don’t get that people are tired of real life dramas and between the living and that we don’t give a %#! about governor at all. Might as well watch stupid action movies instead. We want zombie action: survival elements dealing with difficult situations, building shelter, defenses, scavenging for food and other stuff and all that kind of stuff but NEVER the issues like with Governor. And they are doing it again. Now the mini war wages between our survivors and Terminus people, enough please!.

There are claims and obvious clues about Terminus being a Cannibalistic cult of some sort, which makes this whole thing super ironic. In a post-apocalyptic world, full of brain eaters survivors deal with cannibals? Pathetic!